JBS Biodiesel becomes the first to issue decarbonization credits under RenovaBio

October 21, 2019 |

In Brazil, Reuters reports JBS Biodiesel became the first biofuel company to be certified to issue decarbonization credits (CBios) under the National Biofuels Program (RenovaBio), according to information from company and the ANP regulator.

The certification, which is being requested by a hundred biofuel producers, including ethanol companies, will allow companies to issue credits to be purchased from 2020 by fuel distributors as compensation for fossil fuel sales.

Thus, CBios should be a new source of income for the biofuels sector. Almost 29 million credits are expected to be traded next year, as set by the National Energy Policy Council.

JBS Biodiesel said it expects to place more than 600,000 CBios annually in the market.

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