Splitting the Molecule to Power the World: Hydrogen Digest’s Guide to Renewable Hydrogen sources, production and uses

October 23, 2019 |

As the International Renewable Energy Agency observed of the next decades, “transport and industry will still require combustible fuels for many purposes,” and those “needs could be met with hydrogen, which itself can be produced using renewable power.”

The opportunity is threefold, IRENA predicts:  Industry for replacing high-emission applications; Buildings and power; and Transport, where it can provide low-carbon mobility through fuel-cell electric vehicles.

IRENA prepared a must-read on the topic which we have condensed down to readable length for you, which arms you with everything you need to know on production technology, the sourcing of renewable feedstocks, distribution and injection into a gas grid and into the vehicle supply market, and policies that accelerate all of the above. 

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