New E4tech study shows Europe’s ethanol industry could be supplied without exceeding crop-based cap

November 19, 2019 |

In Belgium, Europe’s need for better-performing, low-carbon fuels to reduce emissions from existing and new cars could be met by the ethanol industry, within the RED II framework, that is without exceeding the cap on crop-based biofuels and as a response to the advanced biofuels sub-target, according to new research.

A study by sustainable energy consultancy E4tech looked at scenarios involving countries adopting petrol blends with up to 20% renewable ethanol. It found that under two potential 2030 scenarios of increased demand for renewable ethanol – one with a mix of E10 and E20 and another maximum-demand scenario with 100% E20 – EU supply increases are achievable. In other words, there is no barrier to EU countries increasing their use of renewable ethanol through the introduction today of E10 and tomorrow of a mid-blend such as E20 as a proven climate solution.

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