A Planet on Fire: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Red Rock Biofuels’ Call to Action for Aviation Industry

November 20, 2019 |

“Facing catastrophic problems with the immediacy of wildfire and the sinister creeping of climate change is depressing. It is depressing enough to throw in the towel, to say I can’t make a difference, the problem is just too big for me to solve.” That’s what Jeff Manternach, Red Rock Biofuels’ Co-Founder and CFO told the audience this week at the IATA Sustainable Aviation Fuels Symposium in New Orleans. But are they giving up?

Absolutely not. “A pledge from Red Rock: we will not be slow followers. We join you as leaders.” said Manternach. Check out his IATA slides AND speaker notes to get more details on where they are now, the latest on their Lakeview, Oregon project, where they see the future, and more,

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