Cellink launches new bioinks and expands three existing bioinks

November 24, 2019 |

In Massachusetts, CELLINK launched the next part of a multiphase bioink expansion which includes the release of two new bioink series, the expansion of three existing bioink series, the release of a new thickener series and two products for enhanced cell analysis.

Their new bioink series includes:

Chitosan is an abundant biocompatible material which has been used in research related to cartilage, skin and bone tissue engineering. Previously, chitosan’s use was limited to 2D cell culturing due to its lack of structural integrity. CELLINK is proud to change that with the introduction of ChitoInk – the first-ever commercialized chitosan-based bioink for bioprinting. Containing an inert effective thickener and a stabilizer, ChitoInk provides good printability at physiological pH, shape fidelity, control over mechanical properties and biocompatibility.

Silk fibroin is known for its high tensile strength and elastic modulus which make it particularly well-suited to mimic the native extracellular environment in load-bearing tissues like bone and cartilage. Until now, aqueous silk fibroin solutions could not embed cells to enable creation of living tissue models. CELLINK is excited to launch SilkInk, a biocompatible and biodegradable bioink carefully formulated to enable smooth bioprinting and support of cell attachment and proliferation. With this bioink, users can simply alter environmental conditions to control the self-assembly process.

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