Natural gas ban in Berkeley leads to lawsuit by California Restaurant Association

November 24, 2019 |

In California, the California Restaurant Association is suing the city of Berkeley because of the city’s recent ban on the use of natural gas in newly constructed buildings that will go into effect in January 1, 2020. While the ban is meant to lower GHG goals for the city, the association says the natural gas ban will have a negative impact on the restaurant industry and make it more expensive to cook with electric heat and change the cooking process.

“Many restaurants will be faced with the inability to make many of their products which require the use of specialized gas appliances to prepare, including for example flame-seared meats, charred vegetables, or the use of intense heat from a flame under a wok,” the lawsuit said according to NPR. “Indeed, restaurants specializing in ethnic foods so prized in the Bay Area will be unable to prepare many of their specialties without natural gas.”

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