Algae – Aquaculture Alternative for Omega 3 Needs: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Corbion’s Creations

November 26, 2019 |

4.5 billion years ago – that’s when the earth was created. But Corbion is busy creating some life changing things of their own with their food ingredients, biochemicals and innovative biotech platforms.

During her presentation at ABLC NEXT in San Francisco, Jill Kauffman Johnson, Head of Global Market Development, Algae Ingredients at Corbion shared the latest on their algae product portfolio including algaVia, DHA AlgaPrime, thrive culinary algae oil, and AlgaWise algae oils. Their trademark tagline, “Enhancing Nutrition Responsibly” seems to fit the bill perfectly with aquaculture becoming one the fastest growing food production systems in the world and the need for an alternative for omega-3 needs. That’s where algae steps in to save the day as a new omega-3 source for nutritional needs.

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