Scotland’s only refinery to reduce biodiesel blend in red diesel following complaints

December 2, 2019 |

In the UK, following engagement with National Farmers Union Scotland, and other stakeholders, Petroineos have announced they will reduce the volume of biodiesel in their fuel.

Petroineos, the only crude oil refinery in Scotland, have decided that they will reduce the volume of biofuel blended into their fuel while they continue to investigate the cause of the current fuel problems being experienced by users. This announcement follows extensive lobbying by NFU Scotland, and other stakeholders including Petroineos, for Scottish and UK Governments to act quickly on this issue.

Since the Union’s meeting with Petroineos on November 20, NFUS have continued to log calls from members and there are now 380 individuals who have logged an issue with fuel.  In response, NFUS has carried out fuel tests to try to ascertain the cause. The Union has carried out a determined and concentrated lobbying effort including contacting the Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Michael Matheson MSP, corresponding with the Department of Transport, Transport Scotland and Scottish Government, and calling for a short term derogation and a longer term taskforce.

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