Compostable coffee capsules, banana waste bioplastic, cocoa husk chocolate wrappers, cactus leather, and more: The Digest’s Top 10 Innovations for the week of December 4th

December 3, 2019 |

The holiday season is in full gear for some and this means coming up with gifts for family and friends. For The Digest readers this week, there is no dearth of biobased alternatives to consider like leather alternative made from cactus which the entrepreneurs creatively named Desserto, or some sweet chocolate by an Indian-based chocolatier that is wrapping them in cocoa husk paper for a truly sustainable treat. Or you can go bananas with a new bioplastic made from banana waste or get your cup o’ joe with compostable coffee capsules. So check out these and more innovations for the week of December 4th.

In today’s Digest, compostable coffee capsules, banana waste bioplastic, cocoa husk chocolate wrappers, cactus leather and more — ready for you now at The Digest online.

#1 Compostable coffee capsules nab biocomposites prize

In Cologne, compostable coffee capsules won the Biocomposite of the Year award for 2019. Launched last year by Golden Compound, HOMEcap is certified compostable by OK Kompost HOME.

Dutch firm KNN Cellulose won second prize for its work recycling toilet paper into biocomposite granules, while Swiss firm BComp got third place for its construction materials made from natural fibers.

“Never before has the demand for alternatives to classic plastic products been greater than today,” says nova-Institute, which sponsors the award. “Currently, up to 80% of plastics can be replaced by biogenic fillers such as wood flour and cork or by natural fibers for reinforcement. By now, biocomposites are available for almost every application: packaging, consumer goods, toys, handles, shoes, façade and terrace elements, floors, car parts and even furniture. This years’ nominated companies provided a good overview of the growing application sectors for biocomposites: automotive, packaging, consumer goods, cladding, music instruments and facade elements.”

The awards were handed out at the 8th Biocomposites Conference in Cologne.
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