We Three Kings of the Bioeconomy Are: Novozymes & Green Plains, Arzeda & BP, and Inscripta & what appears to be the entire investing universe announce massive deals to anchor a big bioeconomy Christmas

December 16, 2019 |

Novozymes & Green Plains, Arzeda & BP, and Inscripta & a bunch of investors new and returning — three transformative market shifts this week of epic proportion.

Grabbing the dollar headlines has to be Inscripta’s eye-watering $125 million Series D cap raise, which will accelerate applications expansion and commercialization of the company’s revolutionary Onyx Digital Genome Engineering platform. More on that story here.

Of even larger brand value if not dollar amount, BP and Arzeda entered a second extended collaboration agreement for developing a bio-process for production of a renewable chemical of high strategic and industrial interest to BP. More on that story here.

Of even larger short-term impact, Green Plains and Novozymes formed an exclusive partnership and commercialization agreement for biological solutions in the production of high protein ingredients. The partnership will be aimed at aquaculture, pet food, as well as novel ingredients to be used in the global protein markets. More on that story here.

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