Pakistan government seeks to ban wheat straw as fuel

December 29, 2019 |

In Pakistan, the Express Tribune reports that the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has recommended that provincial governments should ban the burning of wheat straw in fields and as a fuel. Wheat straw is used in pulp and paper production but is being used for alternative fuel recently which is leading to shortages of wheat straw and thus driving up prices and even causing some pulp and paper mills to close or increase paper prices.

“Since wheat straw has become a common raw material, its burning for alternative fuel has caused an acute shortage and driven up prices for this commodity, adversely affecting prices of meat and dairy products and also creating the issue of survival for the pulp and paper industry,” according to an analysis released by the CCP.

“We are cognisant of the fact that the government under the Alternative Energy Development Board’s Policy for the Development of Renewable Energy for Power Generation, 2006 encourages the generation of power through the use of renewable energy sources to bring energy security and improve the energy mix. However, we are of the opinion that this should not be at the cost of depriving the essential sectors of an important input ie wheat straw without which their survival is at stake,” the CCP said.

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