ExxonMobil points to biofuels in The Way Ahead for 2020

January 6, 2020 |

In New Jersey, ExxonMobil VP for R&D Vijay Swarup published a column on 2020, “The Work Ahead” and said that “We are at a crucial inflection point with climate change, as is all too clear from the regular stream of updates in our news feeds every day. ExxonMobil’s annual Energy Outlook, which came out recently, discusses how the world is still offtrack to meet certain climate goals without a lot of additional effort.”

Swarup pointed to  industry partnerships, which he described as a “force multiplier” as “absolutely key” to solving the challenges of scale and speed. He pointed to, among others, partnerships with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (and other DOE-funded labs) in a 10-year, $100 million collaboration to bring advanced energy technologies to market at scale, focused on reducing carbon emissions. And, a partnership with Clariant and Genomatica: to convert residue left over from farming into biofuel that can power trucks, ships and more. Also, a project with Global Thermostat to evaluate the scalability of their innovative carbon capture technology, which removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and industrial sources.

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