Recticel and Covestro collaborate in first time use of CO2-based cardyon product in mattresses

January 11, 2020 |

In Germany, Recticel and Covestro are working on raw material technologies from mattress production to end-of-life and beyond in an attempt to make mattresses more sustainable, including the use of CO2 as a building block for flexible foams – a CO2 polyol for mattresses.

Recticel was the first company to support the development of Covestro’s CO2 polyol, cardyon, and to implement it for the production of its flexible foams. The reuse of carbon dioxide contributes to closing the carbon cycle for mattresses. In January 2018, Recticel introduced the new second generation of its GELTEX® foam based on the CO2 polyol.

The company is part of the Europe-wide research project “PUReSmart”, which comprises nine companies and academic institutions from six countries and is coordinated by Recticel. The goal is to develop a complete circular product life cycle and turn polyurethane foam into a truly sustainable material: recover the used material (e.g. mattresses) and turn them into building blocks for existing or new products.

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