Sanders surging, and a Klobucharge, in Iowa, New Hampshire as start to primary season voting looms

January 29, 2020 |

For those tracking the Democratic primary in New Hampshire and the Iowa caucuses as part of Decision 2020, it’s clear that Sanders is surging and there’s a Klobucharge in the making, too.

What’s at stake? Hmm, farm prices, crop prices, rural development, carbon-reducing legislation, energy security — just to mention a few things along with education and health care costs and outcomes, immigration, climate change, national defense and more.

Here are the latest polls and, from, a blended “poll of polls” tracker to help you see the trends. We’re definitely seeing momentum from Sanders and Klobuchar in both states, Biden trending softly down, Warren and Buttigieg in more precipitous decline. Keep an eye out on Steyer and Gabbard in New Hampshire, too — and Yang’s numbers are climbing, though from a low base, in both states.

The Iowa caucuses are next week. We endorsed Senator Amy Klobuchar for the Democratic nomination last week, and you can read the whyfores on that, here.

Latest polls of polls

Latest poll from Iowa

Latest poll from New Hampshire


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