Nanollose signs collaboration agreement with global fiber maker

February 1, 2020 |

In Australia, Nanollose signed a Collaboration Agreement with Grasim Industries Limited, a company belonging to global conglomerate, Aditya Birla Group, one of the world’s largest man-made cellulosic fiber producers, to exclusively develop, and commercialize Nanollose’s Tree-Free fibers including nullarbor and nufolium.

The collaboration will provide Nanollose with a globally recognized industrial partner with the ability to accelerate development and commercialization and provide a manufacturing foundation for future textile and clothing brands that uptake Nanollose’s Tree-Free fibers, according to their press release. An industrial fiber manufacturer was the last missing link needed to complete Nanollose’s waste to textile value chain.

Under the Agreement, Nanollose and Grasim will contribute in-kind materials and services, and share knowledge and IP around microbial cellulose and its conversion into fiber. The parties will work together exclusively to further refine and develop the process to enable fiber production on Grasim’s pilot spinning line at the tonne scale. Both Nanollose and Grasim will jointly own any new IP generated in the project. Once successful pilot scale production at Grasim has been achieved, Nanollose and Grasim aim to enter into a subsequent agreement for the exclusive production of Tree-Free fibers from microbial cellulose on a commercial scale. The term of the Agreement is up to three years, with either party being able to terminate without penalty by giving six months written notice.

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