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February 5, 2020 |

#2 H&M’s Conscious Collection includes wine-leather and coffee dyes

In Sweden, fast fashion mainstay H&M has debuted its Conscious Collection, which uses natural materials such as dyes made from coffee and faux leather from wine waste.

The wine leather is produced by Vegea, which participated in H&M’s Global Change Award contest in 2017. The collection incorporates Vegea into purses and shoes. The collection also features dyes made from coffee waste collected from H&M’s China office.

H&M is also working on circular solutions, such as recycled polyester dubbed Renu and Circulose made from waste cotton and viscose

“Going forward, we need to be using more bio-based materials and use more waste in our collections,” Pascal Brun, H&M’s sustainability manager, tells Vogue. “These collections are here to help enable the scale of these new innovations, and make them more commercial [to us and to other brands].”

The Conscious Collection goes on sale March 26th.
More on the story, here.

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