AVA Biochem teams up with Michelin Group for biobased 5-HMF

February 9, 2020 |

In Switzerland, AVA Biochem AG developed, patented and piloted a fully water-based process for the conversion of industrial sugars into the 100% bio-based molecule 5-HMF. With the common goal to further implement 5-HMF in various materials and chemical applications and aiming to establish the world’s first commercial-scale production plant of 5-HMF, AVA Biochem entered into a Joint Development Agreement with the Michelin Group.

This platform chemical is ideally positioned to replace petroleum-sourced chemicals in various mass-market applications, due to its versatility, non-toxicity and bio-sourcing. Applications include biopolymers (such as yarns, films, bottles and other packaging) as well as resins and adhesives, where 5-HMF replaces highly toxic formaldehyde.

This collaboration aims to ultimately bring novel product applications onto the market based on this versatile chemical. These applications are all targeted to improve the performance, economics, sustainability (low carbon footprint) and safety (non-toxicity) of a variety of both consumer goods and industrial products.

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