Volvo CE switches to HVO for demonstration machines in Sweden

February 24, 2020 |

In Sweden, Volvo CE Customer Center in Eskilstuna is paving the way for a sustainable future by running its demonstration machines on HVO. Using HVO means that Volvo can significantly reduce its CO2 emissions at the Customer Center, as well as demonstrating to guests how well the fuel works in practice.

A key aspect of why HVO wasn’t implemented sooner is due to availability. HVO is a relatively new fuel that wasn’t widely available until recently, so establishing a consistent supply was paramount before proceeding with a full implementation.

The use of HVO at the Customer Center is more than an ‘eco trial’ for Volvo CE. Machine demonstrations will continue to solely use HVO and its use will be highlighted in the presentations, thereby encouraging customers to become more eco-efficient in their own operations.

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