Thermal Catalytic Biomass Conversion and Catalytic Pyrolysis: The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to Anellotech’s Plastics Chemical Recycling

March 1, 2020 |

Today’s top story is all about converting trash to treasure, but if you want to see the nitty gritty details behind it, check out this Slide Guide hot off the press from Anellotech’s CEO David Sudolsky. A look at their Bio-TCat thermal catalytic biomass conversion process and how they are turning loblolly pine from SE USA forests into bioplastics and biofuels, the latest on their commercial plant planning that is underway, as well as an in-depth look at Plas-TCat’s catalytic process that can turn potato chip bags into high yield BTX or high yield olefins. This and more.

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