Benson Hill Announces First Commercially Available Ultra-High Protein Soy Varieties

March 22, 2020 |

In Missouri, Benson Hill, a crop improvement company, announced plans to release Ultra-High Protein soybean varieties in the 2021 crop year. These varieties are the first commercially available soybeans that can effectively replace soy protein concentrate via typical soybean crushing.

This innovation enables food companies to eliminate costly energy and water-intensive processing steps across the consumer food, animal feed and aquaculture markets. The initial launch will include over 20,000 acres in 2021, expanding tenfold in 2022.

Benson Hill’s seed-to-shelf innovation pipeline leverages plant genomics to drive ingredient innovation through its CropOS™ platform. CropOS™ accelerates the path to market by employing proprietary phenotyping, predictive breeding and environmental modeling algorithms, allowing Benson Hill plant breeders to optimize not only the protein content of its soy varieties but also the optimal environments for these varieties to be planted.

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