Gas Technologies and INFRA Synthetic Fuels team on converting gases into fuels

March 25, 2020 |

In Michigan, Gas Technologies and INFRA Synthetic Fuels, Inc have invested $100 million in R&D and recently combined technologies to develop an integrated system capable of converting natural and renewable gas sources into commercial-grade methanol, ultra-low Sulphur diesel (USLD), naphtha and low carbon renewable fuels.

GasTechno and INFRA will market and commercialize their new integrated GTL plants capable of producing ultra-low sulphur diesel, naphtha and methanol from natural gas, or biomethanol and renewable diesel from biomass feedstocks.

To commercialize this technology, GasTechno and INFRA are focusing marketing efforts on mid-stream natural gas processors, pipeline companies and compressor stations. These companies have access to low cost natural gas and associated gas gathering systems with available land to host the equipment.

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