The Best Places to Work 2020

March 25, 2020 |
In Florida, The Digest announced the 100 Best Places to Work in the Advanced Bioeconomy, as voted by the Digest’s readers. All organizations engaged in the advanced bioeconomy were eligible — producers, R&D institutions, labs, suppliers, growers, distributors, investors and partner, excepting academic or teaching institutions. In all, 297 different organizations received votes from readers in the balloting process.
The Rankings are neither intended to be a popularity contest nor a compensation value rating system. In our view, we believe that “Best” represents an ideal blend of mission importance and positive work environmental. Organizations that have important missions but are not positive work environments are not Best Places. Likewise, organizations that have positive work environments but have unimportant missions may be nice places, but not Best Places. Best is not the same as “nicest”, “most popular” or have the “Best perks for staff” or “highest pay”.
Readers decided in their own minds what constitutes a “positive work environment” as you weigh compensation, working conditions, policies, openness, opportunity for advancement or other factors that are, in their own view, the important ones.

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