European biofuels value chain concerned about derogation of biofuel policies

April 2, 2020 |

In Belgium, last week a consortium of associations representing the European biofuels value chain wrote a letter to the European Commission’s Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal to highlight the challenges the value chain is facing, especially the proposed derogations of biofuel blending mandates, saying they can provide both fuel as well as feedstock required for hand sanitizers and disinfectants without derogations.

In the letter, they said, “If implemented, such derogations would exacerbate the negative effects already experienced by our sectors and:

  • Quickly lead to a shutdown of biofuels production units due to a further reduction of demand;
  • Jeopardize the continuous supply of strategic products due to their integration in our industrial production;
  • Reduce the production of the much-needed hydro-alcoholic gel;
  • Impact the proper functioning of the EU internal market for fuels, since biofuels are distributed cross-borders;
  • Increase difficulties in the supply of the European animal feeding stuffs;
  • Go against the proposed European Green Deal and jeopardize the European renewable energy and climate commitments, while the Commission clearly stated that “climate action must not be obscured by more urgent and immediate challenges.””

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