Advanced Biofuel Reduces Carbon Emissions: The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to Clariant’s Sunliquid and Lignocellulosic Ethanol

April 26, 2020 |

Clariant takes us on a journey on how carbon emissions can be reduced by advanced biofuels, more specifically, how lignocellulosic ethanol made from agriculture residues like straw, non-food materials, and waste can make an immediate impact, how their sunliquid technology, enzymes, microorganisms and fermentation organisms leads to bioethanol.

Take a peek at the latest slides from Clariant’s webinar to get the details on their cellulytic enzymes for highest conversion rates, status of their pre-commercial plant in Germany, the sunliquid flagship plant en route to commercialization in Romania, licenses sold around the world, and more.

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