Clemson University make progress on developing heat-tolerant soybeans

May 14, 2020 |

In South Carolina, soybean is one of the top cash crops grown in South Carolina and some Clemson University researchers have helped discover an “important milestone” in developing heat-tolerant soybeans.

A paper about their study, Comparative Lipidomic Analysis Reveals Heat Stress Responses of Two Soybean Genotypes Differing in Temperature Sensitivity, appears in the April 4 edition of the Plants journal.

During the study, the researchers investigated whether lipid metabolic changes contribute to differences in heat stress responses in a heat-tolerant soybean variety and a heat-susceptible soybean variety. The heat-susceptible variety was developed for the ESPS in Mississippi.

The researchers wanted to determine what changes take place in soybean leaves when subjected to high temperatures. They found a decline in fats that are undesirable for biodiesel and cooking oil as they reduce stability and keeping quality. On the other hand, high-fat soybeans have added value, primarily due to health benefits.

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