RSB helps Ethiopia develop scenarios for development of sustainable biofuels sector

May 18, 2020 |

In Ethiopia, as part of the Fueling the Sustainable Bioeconomy powered by Boeing’s Global Engagement Portfolio, Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials gathered a group of key stakeholders in the Ethiopian bioeconomy to examine and uncover strategies and scenarios for the future development of a sustainable biofuels industry in the country. The outcomes of this workshop reflect the input and expertise of these stakeholders in a workshop organized by RSB.

This group, representing government, business, research and NGOs, gathered in January 2020 near Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to develop a set of scenarios for the sustainable development of the biofuels sector in Ethiopia. This scenario development workshop aimed to building knowledge around the dynamics of the biofuel sector in Ethiopia and to examine and uncover strategies to achieve targets set by key industry stakeholders using a collective participatory process that looked at enabling factors and emerging trends over a 15 year timeframe until 2035.

Four scenarios were generated by examining key uncertainties relating to political stability and (lack of) conflict, which will have a direct effect on access to finance/funding/investment for the sustainable biofuels sector;  and price volatility in feedstock and commodity prices, which goes to the heart of long-term feasibility and viability.

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