Sekab teams with Praj on CelluAPP technology commercialization

May 18, 2020 |

In Sweden, Sekab E-technology AB and Praj Industries have signed a collaboration agreement in order to upgrade and commercialize technology solutions geared towards the production of sustainable biofuels and chemical products.

Praj industries will through this collaboration help to scale up, integrate and optimize the unique CelluAPP® technology platform developed by Sekab. The CelluAPP® being the latest in coniferous residue conversion into biofuels, green chemicals and bio-based materials.

Since 2004, Sekab has focused on pretreating residual products from the forest through continuous operation at the demo plant in Örnsköldsvik. The CelluAPP® technology platform makes it possible to process almost all forms of biomass into environmentally friendly, high-quality and marketable chemical products, biogas and lignin. The technology utilizes residual products from the forest, which today are not used to their full potential.

Sekab now offers green chemicals and biofuels produced on bioethanol. This collaboration becomes extremely important by putting the technology Sekab developed specifically for forestry residues such as sawdust from softwood into action in order to further increase bioethanol production globally.

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