Q&A on Cellulosic Ethanol with Clariant

May 27, 2020 |

DigestConnect hosted a wildly popular webinar in late April with Clariant’s Head of Business Line, Biofuels & Derivatives at Clariant but there were so many fantastic audience questions we didn’t to, that we decided to follow up and put together The Digest’s Q&A with Clariant on the latest and greatest about cellulosic ethanol.

In today’s Digest, your chance to find out what Clariant’s view on the cellulosic ethanol market in the EU is, what about the blending ratio for ethanol, some talk about feedstocks and biomass availability, 2G technologies, enzymes, the viability of advanced biofuels for transportation, all about Romania and the planned plant there, by-products and lignin, GHG and CO2, and more.

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