DigestConnect renewed for second 13-week season

June 19, 2020 |

13 weeks ago, we started DigestConnect as a weekly get-together to help rally a bioeconomy that had been slammed by the COVID-19 crisis. We imagined a weekly get-together for a few dozen people, over a 13-week season, but word spread.

In the past month, more than 6,100 people took part in DigestConnect, live or on-demand. Participation has increased almost every week, and topped 1,500 this week and last.

COVID-19 recovery has begun, but it looks like it will take longer than we had hoped, and we have made a decision to renew DigestConnect for a second 13-week season.

In the past weeks, we’ve looked at fuels, chemicals, food, sustainable aviation fuels, policy, finance, regulations. Next week we’ll kick off the new season with a look at renewable natural gas and the world of risk finance – how projects de-risk in order to turn technology into the production of sustainable products and energy. I’m looking forward to exploring more topics in the new season with you.

If you’d like to present on DigestConnect or be part of our Lightning Round group of weekly commentators, and get the word out about what you’re up to, we’d like to have you, email me at [email protected]

And you can register as a participant here — it’s free.

Jim Lane, Editor & Publisher, The Daily Digest

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