IEA Bioenergy report says novel regional and landscape government required to tackle complex sustainability challenges

July 13, 2020 |

In the Netherlands, IEA Bioenergy says novel regional and landscape governance approaches aim at addressing complex sustainability challenges by enhancing commitment and collaboration between multiple stakeholders and sectors to achieve common goals for a more sustainable production at larger geographical scales and across sectors, regardless of the purpose of produced raw materials, or the end-destination of products. Several landscape governance initiatives are emerging, but there is a need to better understand what makes them effective in achieving their sustainability goals, and if such initiatives are adequate to provide documentation, legitimacy and trust to assure that bioenergy and biomaterial supply chains support a more sustainable development.

This topic was addressed in the study “Novel regional and landscape-based approaches to govern sustainability of bioenergy and biomaterials supply chains”, which is based on nine case studies from Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, where landscape governance has been adopted to manage the resources and land uses with the participation of the different stakeholders from government organisations, the private sector and non-governmental organisations.

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