Sierra Club Invites National Debate on Renewable Natural Gas

July 15, 2020 |

In Washington, as part of Sierra Club’s and Earthjustice’s campaign to “electrify everything” this week, the groups released a report that takes aim at gas utilities who embrace renewable natural gas as a method of deflecting pushes toward building electrification. Specifically, the report argues that RNG is not a viable alternative to electrification in efforts to decarbonize buildings because there is not enough of it and it is too expensive.

RNG Coalition welcomes the debate.

“Electrification is not a bad thing,” said Johannes Escudero, CEO of the RNG Coalition. “Like RNG, it is one piece of the puzzle. Our world needs a diverse portfolio of solutions to address our environmental challenges, not a single-stock gamble that places all of our chips on one technology. An all-or-nothing approach runs counter to having a resilient energy system and economy.”

“Life on our planet is sustained and energized by organic materials. RNG is waste-derived, clean energy that is both a complementary and necessary part of a global climate change solution,” said Escudero. “RNG is produced from methane that would otherwise escape fugitively into the atmosphere as a short-lived climate pollutant and greenhouse gas. Our industry sustainably abates and recycles captured methane for productive, every-day applications.”

“Although these groups may have meant to discourage RNG adoption in buildings with this report, we are confident that the facts, good science and common sense will prevail.”

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