5 Big Scale-up Projects – From beginning to end of supply chain, these projects show how scale-up happens

July 26, 2020 |

You may not believe it with everything else going on in the world today, but there were 5 big scale-up projects announced over the past week or so that caught The Digest’s attention. From different ends of the supply chain ranging from feedstock all the way to facility technology, these projects show that scale-up is still happening, even as the world seemed to stand still in 2020.

In today’s Digest, rev up the engines for these 5 projects – feedstock supply for renewable fuels and high protein feed; fats, oils, and grease separation technology; waste-to-energy facility that just entered full commercial operation; tech deployment for ethanol plant efficiency; and a crop protection solution – get the details on the 5 companies behind these scale-ups, how they are doing it and more. (These 5 projects are listed in no particular order.)

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