Moldova to run 19 district heating systems with miscanthus-based biofuel

July 26, 2020 |

In Moldova, the country will increase its energy security, employing British green technology with plans to upgrade 19 heat only boiler plants, which will run on home-grown Miscanthus biomass renewable fuel.

The plants will generate 55000 MWh/year, providing thermal heat energy to 5500 flats, 110 houses, 40 businesses, 12 public kindergartens, 25 education facilities and 8 medical institutions.

In one of Moldova’s most innovative projects to date, 19 district heating systems owned by Termoelectrica, Moldova’s leading energy supplier, will be powered by a renewable energy crop called Miscanthus, each with 1-2.5 MW capacity.

The first smaller scale prototype in this groundbreaking project is 50% government funded by ANCD, 50% Termoelectrica funded, and run in collaboration with Miscanthus specialist, Terravesta, IBERS, Aberystwyth University and implemented by the public research institution, the Moldavian Institute of Genetics, Physiology and Plant Protection (IGPPP). Following a successful outcome, it is proposed that a phased upgrade of 19 of Termoelectrica’s suburban heat only boiler plants, to Miscanthus renewable energy technology, will be implemented.

Miscanthus is a perennial renewable crop which will be grown on Moldavian land, and harvested annually to supply the heat only boiler plants with biofuel.


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