Novamont gets B Corp certification

July 30, 2020 |

In Italy, Novamont’s commitment to be a force for global regeneration with higher purposes than mere profit was strengthened by being awarded the ‘B Corp’ Certification. The Italian bioplastic manufacturer has joined 3,423 companies spanning 150 industries in 71 countries across the world that are verified ‘Benefit Corporations’ by the independent body ‘B Lab’. The certification establishes that in addition to generating profit for shareholders, B Corp companies also create a positive impact on society and the environment, thus building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Only 2.8% of the 120,000 companies analysed by B Lab over the years have scored over 80, the threshold required to obtain certification, with the average value being 51. With a score of 104, Novamont has become part of this global movement that is rewriting the way of doing business in the world, and has amended its company statute to acquire the legal form of a Benefit Corporation.

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