Advanced BioCatalytics gets EPA Safer Choice Approval for “fermactants”

August 2, 2020 |

In California, Advanced BioCatalytics’s Glucospike, one of their “Fermactants” products made entirely from microbiology-based surface-active agents (based on fermentation of microorganisms), has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Program.

This technology is an alternative to using petrochemicals based on non-sustainable fossil fuels, or plant-based chemistry, which has contributed to de-forestation and has had negative impacts on biodiversity.

“At ABC we have been building surfactant-based applications, based on fermentation of microorganisms for over 20 years. We have decided to productize some of our key raw materials and make them available to formulators.  We believe the industrial chemical market is finally ready for some truly sustainable chemistry. ‘Green’ chemistry is often a misused or misunderstood term. We like to say there are at least 50 shades of green and our new Fermactant series of surfactants can be considered ultra-green,” says Chris Harano, ABC’s President.

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