Yokogawa Innovation Switzerland launched to invest in bioeconomy

August 3, 2020 |

In Switzerland, Yokogawa Electric Corporation has established Yokogawa Innovation Switzerland GmbH to build a strong base for its bioeconomy business through the provision of quick and proactive market research and development activities, and the introduction of cutting-edge biotechnologies. The new subsidiary was officially registered on June 26, and business operations will start from August.

The bioeconomy is considered to be an important pillar for building a sustainable society, and governments and corporations in many countries are concentrating on this field. It is one of the focus areas defined in Yokogawa’s long-term business framework, and through its bioeconomy business and other initiatives the company is working to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and contribute to the development of a circular economy. To acquire technologies and expertise in the bioeconomy field, Yokogawa has already taken steps such as investing in AlgaEnergy, a Spanish company that is a leader in the production and application of microalgae.

As this market expands and grows more competitive, Yokogawa aims to secure the knowledge and human resources required for developing the bio-related business, explore new business opportunities, and forge alliances with other entities that have world-leading technologies by establishing operations in a region with dynamic bio-related innovation.

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