Dream job alert: Lab-grown meat startup recruiting bacon taste testers

August 10, 2020 |

In California, start-up Mission Barns is looking for 100 bacon lovers to do curbside taste tests of its lab-grown meat.

The taste tests will be held this month at San Francisco’s Cockscomb eatery and an unnamed Oakland restaurant. The company says interested “bacon lovers, experts, and aficionados” can sign up on its website.  “We definitely are looking for a diverse set of folks in terms of palates and backgrounds,” Eitan Fischer, Mission Barns CEO and co-founder tells Forbes.

Mission Barns produces its bacon using in vitro cultivation of pork cells. Other animal meats and fats, such as duck, are available.  “In addition to products like bacon, our cultivated animal fat can be used in other applications ranging from food products to high-end cosmetics, with even a small amount of fat able to transform the function, flavor, and mouthfeel of an otherwise animal-free product,” Fischer recently told FoodNavigator-USA.

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