Australian JV launched to develop novel waste-to-fuels technology

September 2, 2020 |

In Australia, Epichem has entered into a partnership agreement with Obsidian Minerals to establish Perren to develop a novel and disruptive waste to fuels technology using oxidative non catalytic dissolution. Perren will endeavor to develop and commercialize the biomass/feedstock oxidative process that can turn waste into fuels.

The technology is a world-first because of its potential to turn a wide range of waste and biomass feedstock into valuable fuels, fine chemicals, agricultural growth stimulants and ethanol.

The benchtop flow reactor will be carbon neutral, environmentally sustainable and uses oxygen and water at high temperature and pressure to break down input materials and form useful end products.

The process has the potential to convert:

  • Plastics into renewable fuels and useful chemicals
  • Coal into diesel, agricultural biostimulants, diesel and fine chemicals
  • Tires into liquid fuels and valuable chemical products
  • Trees into cellulosic ethanol and fine chemicals
  • Leftover stock or crops into liquid fuel
  • Agricultural waste into cellulosic ethanol and agricultural biostimulants.

The technology used in the flow reactor could also be used to enhance the process of carbon storage in soils. It may also have application in the minerals recovery sector.

The technology is a novel invention by US-based Australian Ken Anderson, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Thermaquatica Inc. It is under a research license agreement and patented and IP protected.

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