Celtic Renewables’ new biorefinery plant moves forward with fermentation vessels delivered

September 20, 2020 |

In Scotland, the construction of Celtic Renewables’ new biorefinery plant in Grangemouth, Scotland’s first biorefinery, took a significant step forward with the arrival of six purpose-built 130,000 litre fermentation vessels from the Netherlands.

The implementation of Covid-19 restrictions in March prevented the arrival and installation of the vessels at Celtic Renewables’ new biorefinery plant in Grangemouth. Now, six months on, the pioneering project is back on track and significantly, Scotland’s ambition to develop a low carbon green bioeconomy is a closer to becoming a reality.

Celtic Renewables apply microbiology expertise and modern process technology to produce high-value low-carbon biochemicals and next generation biofuel from biological waste and residues.  The new plant is expected to process around 50,000 tonnes of residues each year from the whisky industry, adding value and sustainability to one of the country’s most important sectors.

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