Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to Ballard

October 4, 2020 |

Today’s top story is all about hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and how Ballard is working in this fast-growing market with the company’s focus on electrification of Heavy- and Medium-Duty Motive applications. Tony Guglielmin, Vice President and CFO of Ballard shared a 184 page slide guide at their Investor & Analyst Day just a few days ago but we’ve taken the best highlights for you.

Get the the latest on their fuel cell product for primary propulsion power in marine vessels, fuel cell stack for Light-, Medium- and Heavy-Duty vehicles, case studies and partnerships to make it happen in the real world, what’s behind their fuel cell tech, their plans for key markets like China, Europe and California, and more.

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