Yield10 Bioscience completes harvesting for field test program on camelina and canola

October 4, 2020 |

In Massachusetts, Yield10 Bioscience completed the harvest for its 2020 Field Test Program for Camelina and canola trials conducted in the United States and Canada. Yield10’s 2020 Field Test Program is designed to evaluate several novel traits in Camelina and canola, and the Company expects to begin reporting data from the field tests in the fourth quarter of 2020 through early 2021.

In the field tests of its novel traits in Camelina and canola, Yield10 monitored key agronomic and growth parameters of the plants throughout the growth period. Yield10 also plans to evaluate seed yield, oil content, PHA content and/or other metrics of the traits as appropriate after seed harvest. The field tests are designed to generate data on the performance of the novel traits under field conditions and to advance the development of the traits toward commercialization. The program will also generate field grown seed for subsequent field studies.

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