On the Move –Avantium Board members, Pluton Biosciences researchers, Cellink Bioprinting Business Area Manager, DEMETA’s NexTene CTO, a Finnair SVP

October 12, 2020 |

This week we have Cynthia Arnold and Trudy Schoolenberg appointed as members of Avantium’s Supervisory Board, Pluton Biosciences gets two new research associates, Dr. Anthony Thevenon joins as Chief Technology Officer for DEMETA’s low carbon resins, a CELLINK Board Member switches to Bioprinting Business Area Manager, and Päivyt Tallqvist is to succeed Arja Suominen as Senior Vice President, Communications at Finnair who reflects on COVID-19’s impact on the aviation industry.

In today’s Digest, get the details on the latest people on the move.

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Cynthia Arnold and Trudy Schoolenberg appointed as members of Avantium’s Supervisory Board

In the Netherlands, Avantium N.V, a leading technology company in renewable chemistry, announces that Dr. Cynthia Arnold and Dr. Trudy Schoolenberg have been appointed as members of Avantium’s Supervisory Board.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGM) on 30 September 2020, Avantium’s shareholders unanimously endorsed the appointment of both Cynthia Arnold and Trudy Schoolenberg as a member of the Supervisory Board until the end of the Annual General Meeting in 2024.

The Supervisory Board of Avantium now consists of: Edwin Moses (chairman), Margret Kleinsman, Michelle Jou, Cynthia Arnold and Trudy Schoolenberg.

Pluton Biosciences Expands with Addition of Two Research Associates

Pluton Biosciences expanded its team to include two new Research Associates, Elizabeth Scherer and Farhan William. Pluton is a microbial testing and discovery research company based in St. Louis dedicated to finding unique microbes in the soil for use in sustainable, natural products. Pluton’s first product candidates are ten novel bacteria capable of eliminating larvae of disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Elizabeth Scherer, Research Associate – As a Research Associate, Scherer participates in DNA extraction, data collection/reporting/organization, and writing protocols. She also assists with project management and workflow, which includes organizing and processing soil samples for the purpose of isolating and identifying specific microbes.

Farhan William, Research Associate – In his new position, William is responsible for culturing, preparing and maintaining microbes, plus hatching and maintaining mosquito larvae for research. He conducts a variety of assays, creates protocols and collects and reports data.

DEMETA appoints Dr. Anthony Thevenon as NexTene Chief Technology Officer

In France, DEMETA, a green chemistry company developing next-generation catalysts for the production and marketing of high-performance materials and chemicals, appointed Dr. Anthony Thevenon as Chief Technology Officer.

Dr. Anthony Thevenon will oversee all R&D activities related to the development of DEMETA’s NexTene resins, a novel family of high-performance materials. His experience and outstanding R&D knowledge represent assets to build DEMETA’s future.

NexTene is a novel family of high-performance and low-carbon footprint materials. NexTene resins deliver a unique combination of processing, durability, toughness and lightweight properties, while enabling significant carbon footprint savings compared with incumbent solutions such as epoxies, polyurethanes or polyesters. NexTene resins find applications in various markets, from renewable energies to deep offshore, automotive and aeronautics.


CELLINK Board Member switches to Bioprinting Business Area Manager

Artur Aira, who holds a master’s degree in medical technology engineering and an MBA, is leaving the CELLINK Board of Directors for an operational role as Business Area Manager for the bioprinting business unit.

The appointment of Artur as the Business Area Manager for bioprinting is part of CELLINK’s effort to strengthen its position as a global leader in the bioprinting landscape. By coupling high-quality biomaterials with affordable hardware solutions, CELLINK seeks to develop automated workflows and elevate 3D cell culture in cell and molecular biology research. Artur will start operationally the 1st of January 2021 and are today stepping down from the Board of directors.

CELLINK will call for the nomination committee to recommend the appointment of a new member of the board of directors, after which the candidate will be presented in further detail in connection with the convening notice to the extraordinary general meeting expected to be held in November.

Päivyt Tallqvist to succeed Arja Suominen as Senior Vice President, Communications at Finnair

In Finland, Päivyt Tallqvist was appointed Senior Vice President, Communications and a member of Finnair Executive Board as of November 1, 2020. Tallqvist currently works as Director, Media Relations at Finnair, and has prior to her Finnair career served in different communications leadership roles in Nokia.

Arja Suominen, Finnair’s current Senior Vice President, Communications and Corporate Responsibility and member of the Finnair Executive Board will leave the Executive Board as planned on October 31, 2020. She will continue to serve as executive advisor in Finnair until December 31, 2020.

”I am happy that Arja Suominen has, contrary to her earlier personal plans, led Finnair’s communications through the difficult first phase of the pandemic situation. I also want to extend my sincere thanks to Arja for her role in building a truly inclusive, dialogue-based communications culture at Finnair. Arja has with her team also taken Finnair’s international visibility to a completely new level, which has strongly contributed to Finnair’s growth and brand awareness in our markets. Another sign of great leadership is also the fact that we can appoint her successor from within the team”, says Topi Manner, Finnair CEO.

”Päivyt Tallqvist is an experienced and competent communications leader, whose role now expands to cover Finnair’s communications as a whole. In this rebuild phase of aviation it is vital to have strong experience from both aviation and from demanding communications challenges in our communications team. I also wish Päivyt warmly welcome to our Executive Board”, says Manner.

”I am taking on the new role with great enthusiasm”, says Päivyt Tallqvist. “Finnair is now in an exceptional situation due to the industry crisis arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, and communications will play a newly highlighted role in the rebuild period. Finnair is important for Finns, and that is why this new role is especially meaningful to me.”

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