Red Nose Day goes green with bioplastic noses

October 12, 2020 |

In London, charity Comic Relief says its popular Red Nose Day event will feature plant-based red in 2021 thanks to a write-in environmental campaign by students concerned about plastics waste.

The noses given to donors will be made from sugarcane waste product bacassa. The noses will be available in 10 styles, including squirrel, badger, and fox noses.

“Here at school and in our local community we are very passionate about reducing our use of plastic, so it’s a really good feeling knowing that what we’ve done has encouraged Comic Relief to create a plastic-free nose,” one student told Business Green. “We were all so excited when we heard the news. It’s something each and everyone one of us will always remember and be very proud of.”

Red Nose Day will be held March 19. Since its inception in 1985, the telethon has raised over £1 billion for various charities. Comic Relief says it aims to have home-compostable noses available for future events.

“Our red noses are very popular, and we have been determined to create a more sustainable plastic-free version for everyone to enjoy,” says Comic Relief chief executive Ruth Davison. “We know that making small changes can make a big environmental difference and I’m so pleased that school pupils across the UK have championed our decision to ditch plastic and deliver a ‘greener’ red nose.”

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