University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh teams with Agra Energy on micro-GTL

October 21, 2020 |

In Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has partnered with Agra Energy Corp. to promote a new technology that converts biogas to fuel. The renewable solution makes use of Agra Energy’s Micro-GTL (gas-to-liquids) technology that converts methane-rich biogas into liquid fuels that meet diesel fuel specifications.

A Micro-GTL pilot unit is installed and connected to the UWO-operated digester on Allen Farms in Oshkosh. A portion of the biogas produced from the dairy manure is used to create synthetic fuel products.

Goals of the pilot project include:

  • Yielding results appropriate for commercial applications.
  • Producing fuel that meets diesel specifications.
  • Evaluating operations, controls and safety to support commercial design and manufacturing.
  • Creating academic research opportunities and student internship opportunities at Agra Energy labs.

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