VTT-based startup producing protein from biorefinery by-products receives $1.7M

November 1, 2020 |

In Finland, new VTT-based startup company eniferBio producing protein from biorefinery by-products received more than one million euros in funding. eniferBio developed a method for producing Pekilo mycoprotein – a form of single cell protein derived from fungi.

Pekilo mycoprotein is nutritious and protein rich cell biomass and can be used as raw material for fish feed. It is produced from biorefineries’ underutilised and renewable organic raw material streams. Pekilo mycoprotein can replace soy, which is commonly used in fish feed. Soy cultivation poses ecological challenges such as the deforestation in South America.

eniferBio developed a new and sustainable production process for a high-quality fish feed ingredient and received funding for its solution from two funds, Nordic FoodTech VC and Voima Ventures.

The Pekilo single cell protein production method was originally developed in Finland by the forest industry as early as the 1970s. As the pulp industry developed, the by-products required for manufacturing depleted, but today similar by-products continue to be generated in other industries. eniferBio has modernised this protein production method with new biotechnology and now applies it to the fish feed production. The technology has been tested and optimised in VTT’s business incubator, VTT LaunchPad.

With the support of VTT LaunchPad, eniferBio has built networks with the relevant industry partners and fish feed producers. Both parties are interested in the solution. The next step is the preparation for pilot production.

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