Trail report: Reviews roll in for algae-based skis

November 9, 2020 |

In California, newly launched skis with an algae-based core are getting rave performance reviews among avid shredders.

The 4FRONT line of skis, made by WNDR Alpine using Algal-Tech material manufactured by Checkerspot, include backcountry ski Intention 100 and Vital 100 for traditional resort skiing. The Algal-Tech core is designed to be lightweight while improving stiffness and stability over traditional carbon ski cores.

The Durango Telegraph notes that Powder magazine writer Lily Krass called the skis “one of the most fun skis I’ve ever hopped on,” and said they allowed her to easily “hop in an out of turns” through breakable crust.

“Since the introduction of biobased resins, ski building simply hasn’t kept pace with other outdoor categories and adjacent industries,” says Matt Sterbenz, the founder of 4FRNT skis. “True innovation requires a complete shift of focus while taking a bold step into uncharted terrain.”

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