Bioo launches biological battery that feeds on soil and uses plants to produce electricity

November 16, 2020 |

In Spain, Bioo, a biotech startup that generates electricity from nature, has developed Bioo Panel, which collects the electrons liberated in soil from the breakdown of organic substances by its natural microorganisms. 

Installed underground, Bioo Panel visually fits into the landscape of any yard, garden or park and constantly produces electricity during day and night, regardless of weather conditions. 

How it Works:  

A) Rainwater and irrigation leach nutrients and microorganism from the soil to the biological battery. 

B) The biological battery is formed by the anode and the cathode separated by the soil, which provides the organic matter and microorganisms needed to produce a current.  

C) At the anode, electrogenic microorganisms feed on organic matter, producing protons and electrons. These microorganisms send the electrons to the anode, while the protons go through the wet soil to the cathode.  

D) Air enters through the upper holes of Bioo Panel to reach the cathode. In turn, electrons arrive through an electrical circuit from the anode to react with oxygen and protons, leading to water and allowing energy production. 

Bioo Panel is a product of Bioo’s R+D SME project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework.

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