Carlo Ratti Associati rewrites pen design with compostable materials, edible ink

November 16, 2020 |

In Italy, design firm Carlo Ratti Associati has created an ecofriendly pen complete with compostable materials and edible ink. 

The pen, developed for tech company Scribit, has a barrel made from wood, recycled aluminum, or biodegradable PHB plastic. The nib and ink cartridges are made from natural fibers, while the ink is water-based with organic pigments, and technically edible—though not exactly formulated to be tasty. The pens are meant to be used in conjunction with Scribit’s robotic system for drawing on vertical surfaces. 

Carlo Ratti hopes the concept will help increased sustainability in writing instruments. Though Bic offers a recycling program through Terracyle and Pilot has replaced most of its plastics sourcing with recycled material, 1.6 billion pens end up in American landfills annually. 

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