Spectrolytic launches FAME% analyser for biodiesel blends

November 18, 2020 |

In Germany, Spectrolytic developed a completely portable analyser to measure FAME% content in a biodiesel blend. With each country’s own restrictions on the amount of FAME allowed in the biodiesel blend, Spectrolytic ‘s FAME analyser is calibrated for B0-B100 applications and can be tailored to the specific regulatory requirements.

With the increasing global requirement for remote measurement of FAME content in biodiesel it has become imperative that a solution is found for field applications that maintain the accuracy of the laboratory-based measurement devices (FTIR).

FAME % content measurements are conventionally carried out in a laboratory using FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red) spectrometer system. These systems are high end and very expensive, they contain several moving parts, require repeated calibration and are susceptible to environmental changes. It also requires highly trained personnel to operate an FTIR spectrometer.

As an alternative to that Spectrolytic, a leading specialist in the manufacture of mid-infrared spectrometer and sensor solutions, has developed a completely portable analyser to measure FAME% content in a biodiesel blend.

The FAME% analyser effectively takes the laboratory into the field giving the customers complete real time analytical results for the FAME content while maintaining the accuracy of the laboratory FTIR systems. The FAME% analyser is robust, battery powered and yields sample data in under 2 minutes. It uses ATR Spectroscopy, based on the ASTM D7371 standard, to extract the FAME % parameter from a biodiesel blend sample.

Given their aim to help create a better future with supporting the users of biodiesel following governments’ regulations, Spectrolytic is currently evaluating the suitability of their products in palm-oil and biofuels production. The team is happy and open to learn more about possible applications and problems in the above-mentioned applications.

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