Miscanthus can contribute to UK net zero targets via bioenergy, biofuels

November 19, 2020 |

In the United Kingdom, Terravesta reports that Jonathan Scurlock, chief adviser, renewable energy and climate change for the National Farmers Union, believes Miscanthus can contribute significantly to UK net zero targets and be a feedstock supply for bioenergy, biobased materials, biofuels.

“The NFU expects growth in land use for perennial energy crops like Miscanthus to result in feedstock supply for bioenergy, displacing fossil fuels, supply of bio-based materials and also bioenergy coupled to carbon capture (BECCS), all of which are essential components of our ambition for net zero agriculture and will contribute to the overall national goal.”

Jonathan continues: “Probably the largest bulk end-market will remain as a feedstock for power generation, which is likely to include carbon-negative technology in the future, but Miscanthus also has potential as a fuel for district heating, as a supplement to wheat straw for anaerobic digestion, and as a source of fibre products for a growing bioeconomy.”

William Cracroft-Eley, Terravesta chairman, explains why Miscanthus is key to reaching net zero in the UK by 2050. “Miscanthus is one of the only crops that can sustainably deliver the quantities of biomass needed to achieve the net zero target within this timeframe.

“What’s more, it’s a solution that is developed, scalable and ready to deliver today, with the ability of producing substantial annual feedstock harvests after the second year from planting. Nothing else can deliver at the same scale in that timeframe.”

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